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  on /2011/08/fucking-hot-rocco-nacino-in-cosmo-bash.html 02 Aug
Monday, August 1, 2011

The Fucking Hot Rocco Nacino in Cosmo Bash!

Libog na libog ako sa sobrang sarap nitong si Rocco Nacino! Grabe kalaki at ka-yummy ng kanyang katawan! Braso at shoulders pa lang mapapajackol ka na!
Here is  Rocco Nacino in the 2010 Cosmopolitan Bash:

Grabe...aaaaaahhhhh....aaaaaahhhhh...!!! Wet and wild si Papa Rocco! As in basang-basa siya!!! Uuuuuhhhhh...uuuuhhhhh...uuuuhhhh...!!!
At basang-basa na din ako habang pinapanood siya!!! Oooohhhhh...ooooohhhhh...oooohhhhh...!!!! Talagang mapapajackol ka sa sarap niya!!!
Rocco...Rocco..Roccooooooohhhhh....ooooohhhhhh...!!! Kantutin mo na'ko!!! Ang sarap mo!!! Aaahhhh...aaaaahhhh...aaaahhh..!!! Gusto ko nang isubo at salsalin ang malaking titi mo!!
By the vway mga 'tol, si Rocco pala ay tinaguriang "bukol king!" As in, bakat na bakat ang malaking titi niya!!! Aaaaaahhhhh...aaaaahhhh...aaaaahhhh...!!! Lalo akong nasarapan s'yo Rocco!!! Putang ina...lalabasan na'ko syo!!! Uuuuuhhhhh...uuuuuuhhhhh...uuuuuuhhhhh...!!!!

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The Fucking Hot Rocco Nacino in Cosmo Bash!



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